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Retro Gaming - Speng - 07-11-2014

Does anyone else here still play the vintage consoles? I'm still playing on the original Atari 2600 and Colecovision my parents bought back when the consoles were first released. It's probably more nostalgia then anything, harkening (did I just use that word?) back to Summers spent either in a swimming pool or a basement huddled around a console tv with that big ass Atari joystick. Life was so much simpler back then.

I need to repair the Nintendo that me and my friend spent so many drunken hours playing Contra and laughing our asses off. "Holy shit, it's 4am...I need to go home."

Those old games with the quaint graphics keep me entertained longer then most newer games with state of the art graphics.

I just got back from buying an Intellivision console from a guy on Craigslist. I always wanted one and it was a great price.

RE: Retro Gaming - GoldenVulture - 07-11-2014

Doom is about as far back as I go. [ On a 40Mhz 386 ]

RE: Retro Gaming - (ad) - 07-13-2014

congrats on the inTV!
Getting an emulator for it (for a mac) was a time-consuming PITA, but playing demon attack and night stalker was so worth it.
I had this huge commodore phase not too long ago, some of those games still stand up today.
I have a reasonable collection of emulators and ROMs, there isn't much left I haven't picked up.

I completely agree with you man, there is no substitute for gameplay.

RE: Retro Gaming - Speng - 07-13-2014

Thanks! I thought it was going to be a regular Intellivision, it turned out to the the Super Pro System which is supposed to be on the rarer side. Not that I'll ever sell it, but it's just a bonus I guess.

I've tried emulators but, for me anyway, it's just not the same as popping in a cartridge and playing.

RE: Retro Gaming - Speng - 07-14-2014

(07-11-2014, 11:11 PM)GoldenVulture Wrote: Doom is about as far back as I go. [ On a 40Mhz 386 ]

I still fire up Doom from time to time. That game and Doom II killed so much time for me. The real fun was modem play, it was mind blowing (at the time) that me and a friend from across town could play together. We spent so much time designing WADs and making impossibly hard levels.

RE: Retro Gaming - GoldenVulture - 07-14-2014

Its where I started playing netwoked games too; Doom , Doom 2, Quake, quake2. I Didn't get into making stuff but I did get editors and stuff with the intent of doing so.

RE: Retro Gaming - LesStrat - 07-14-2014


RE: Retro Gaming - GoldenVulture - 07-14-2014

Bounce the electron !

RE: Retro Gaming - Speng - 07-14-2014

(07-14-2014, 11:28 AM)GoldenVulture Wrote: Its where I started palying netwoked games too; Doom , Doom 2, Quake, quake2.

Command and Conquer was/is another great modem/network game.

RE: Retro Gaming - Waruikaze - 07-27-2014

I remember playing a game on early PCs called Descent. It was amazing. Did anyone else ever play it?