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XBOX Red Ring - Securb - 07-08-2008

My XBOX was freezing, LargePayload told me it was coming. The Red Rings of Death. I must say XBOX support has been really good so far.

XBOX Red Ring - Fel - 07-10-2008

Dun dun dun...... another one bites the dust..... dun dun dun..... another one bites the dustaaa.

XBOX Red Ring - Securb - 07-10-2008

The woman at UPS knew exactly what was in the box. She said she has shipped 4500 XBOXes out of that location alonesince December.

XBOX Red Ring - Chef_Tony - 07-14-2008

Without a doubt. I went through three X-Boxes in in less than two years before the fourth one finally proved to be stable. Had the first one for a week before the RROD, second one was 11 months and the third one was good for four months before it choked.

XBOX Red Ring - Securb - 07-23-2008

Got the XBOX back today 15 days turnaround with free shipping I cant bitch.

XBOX Red Ring - LargePayload - 07-25-2008

I am on my third myself. I actually bought a new one last time and kept the repaired one when it came back as a back-up.

XBOX Red Ring - Securb - 07-25-2008

LargePayload Wrote:I am on my third myself. I actually bought a new one last time and kept the repaired one when it came back as a back-up.

You have a back up thanks for telling me now....dick

XBOX Red Ring - LargePayload - 07-25-2008

Hah it didn't even occur to me.


XBOX Red Ring - Securb - 04-17-2010

So it looks like it has been two years since I got the red rings of death. This time around I got 3 lights. Of course this time my XBOX is out of warranty. Support told me it was the power supply so I bought one from them for 40 bucks. Got the supply today and the same lights went on.

I called support and the told me that who ever I talked to should have had me send back the box for a $120 repair. Seeing I already paid $40 for the power supply they said there would be no further charges for the repair. So I am getting a new/refurbished XBOX for $40 bucks. I can't complain seeing how much we use that damn thing.

XBOX Red Ring - 3daddict - 04-17-2010

I tried their repair steps online but borrowed someones brick to try - I wasn't too optimistic and ya, that wasn't it. It was a first run 360 that had already been repaired once so I said frig it and bought a new one. Actually, my lady bought it. She couldn't stand to see me so depressed with my DVD player and Netflix Streamer dead in the water...