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Treble Bleed magic - CTN - 11-27-2014

Souper late to the party, I know.

But I just installed a treble bleed in my Polaris and I'll be damned if it's not one of the nicest mods I've ever done. Makes the volume control so much more... realistic.

It used to sound muffled before, confined, constrained and unnatural, like a noise suppressor pedal that had the threshold slightly too low. But now it sounds extremely linear, lively, and natural all the way through the sweep range of the pot.

Wondrous. Makes me wonder why more guitar makers don't include this as a stock electronics config, seeing as it's so damn cheap to do.

RE: Treble Bleed magic - CTN - 11-27-2014

don't shit on me, but I use mostly Alphas.

I prefer the mechanical turning resistance compared to CTS.

RE: Treble Bleed magic - kinnikuman - 11-27-2014

Squires come with alpha pots.

Isn't alpha the shit of the shit? I was looking through my parts the other week and i noticed that the push/pull pot that came with my graphtech acousticphonic gear is identical to a cheap 7 dollar push pull i got off ebay.

Pots are a funny thing. same with those micro switches. Sometimes is hard to really know what your buying.

RE: Treble Bleed magic - CTN - 11-27-2014

I think guitarists make too much of a big deal with pots.

have you ever looked inside a pot? it's just a little phenolic wafer with a broken ring of resistive medium, and a little wiper attached to the rotating shaft.

It's so painfuly simple to design and manufacture. There are only so many things that can go catastrophically wrong.

FWIW I measure all my pots before installing them to make sure i'm putting in whatever correct value i need. Alphas are usually very close to the rated spec. ie a 500k pot will read somewhere between 490 and 510, pretty routinely. Never had an Alpha pot break down on me. Never had a CTS break down either.

The only pots I've had break down on me were some random mini-pots I bought from stew-mac when i was putting together my first ever guitar build that has long since been parted out and destroyed.

RE: Treble Bleed magic - lreese - 11-27-2014

Pot is darn too tootin' important!!!!

Remember "The Slug" pickup? Per marketing materials its happiest in a guitar that smells like pot and booze. :p

Oh that pot... never had trouble with any of 'em...

RE: Treble Bleed magic - Oinkus - 11-27-2014

Going to have to do that with this Strat just because and these pots are Dimarzios think they are made by CTS. I put alpha pots in some stompboxes it is what ships with BYOC kits.