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RE: Well this sux. - GoldenVulture - 12-09-2014

There's another guy here who owns an ex car dealership in town. It's now his man shed. It has showroom space at the front and a workshop area at the back with servicing bays and all manner of tools and machines. Once again , car hoists and such. It makes the other guys shed look small. He has two dragsters in there, one which has become a bit dated and a newer one he's putting together. He has a large collection of F100's and a few other larger F's, one of which was imported from the US [ F300 ? ] . It was left hand drive but he had it converted. He's into Fords, the other guy is into Holdens. There's also some vintage Twenties cars that belong to some one else being stored there.

There's also another guy who used to build and race dragsters. He's currently doing another one after many years of taking a break from it. He's probaly got the smaller shed of the three.Cheers