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NFL Talk - 2008 - Ragdoll - 09-08-2008

Ok - this is the last of it. I joined up again for this site because you pissed me off and now you did it again. (Gee...big surprise!) We had this discussion last night and I'll say it again....NO ONE, NOT ANY TEAM should be allowed to pull this crap. I understand its a very physical sport, yadda yadda yadda but you are talking about people's lives and careers...I don't care who the hell you are or what team it is, it's just wrong and they should be fined or suspended. They have a rule in place to protect ALL the QB's.... no hitting below the belt and I believe a knee/ankle is below the belt. I know you sceretly have been walking around with wood since this happend but I live with you and game on baby boy - I will make your life a living hell! Oh by the way...I'm the one who works for the company that got the Pats/Dolphin tickets. Guess what....I just gave them away! Now you'll have to buy them!!! :eek:

NFL Talk - 2008 - Prog - 09-08-2008

I wonder if Culpepper wishes he would have kept his mouth shut last week.

And, I don't think Brady's injury was karma or a bad hit. Favre joins the Jets and the QB of the top team in the AFC East goes down?? Favre had something to do with it.

NFL Talk - 2008 - IceColdBeer - 09-08-2008

there's been a lot of talk about the Jets and how good Favre looked. But the Jets actually weren't that great. They played a young, crappy Dolphins team with a horrible o-line.

NFL Talk - 2008 - Prog - 09-08-2008

Ragdoll Wrote:They have a rule in place to protect ALL the QB's....

Then make them wear damn dresses. It's a contact sport and they're going to get hit. Tough baked beans.

NFL Talk - 2008 - Securb - 09-08-2008

Looking at the video Pollard gets his helmet right on Brady's knee it looks like a dirty hit

NFL Talk - 2008 - Hooch - 09-08-2008

I don't think that hit was dirty. Pollard had a blocker all over him. If he hit his knee with no one around I would say yes, but that looked to be the only way he could try to get Brady down at that point.

NFL Talk - 2008 - 3dR3 - 09-08-2008

i'd say the hit looked clean.....



NFL Talk - 2008 - EaglesSuck - 09-08-2008

He lunged for his leg, I think it was borderline dirty. But within the rules and maybe the rules should be changed. God knows they have changed enough rules. But sometimes the rules dont apply. Reminded me of the Carson Palmer vs the Steelers from 2 years ago. Romo took a helmet to the chin yesterday and there was no flag. So I don't get these officials sometimes.

NFL Talk - 2008 - Gator - 09-08-2008

Sadly, due to the infamous IT Nazis at my place of employment, I cannot see the video. However, if you listen to Randy Moss who admits that he didn't see the hit, it was dirty.

What I saw on ESPN this morning, it didn't look dirty to me. But I didn't see the slo-mo of it so I'll have to get back to you.

NFL Talk - 2008 - Securb - 09-08-2008

Gator Wrote:But I didn't see the slo-mo of it so I'll have to get back to you.

Slo-mo it looks like he puts the helment right on the knee