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Birthdays - Speng - 10-22-2010

Happy Birthday Tony!

Birthdays - Hooch - 10-22-2010

Happy Birthday, Chef

Birthdays - Hooch - 12-24-2010

Happy Birthday Jesus. Thanks for everything! Especially strippers.

Birthdays - Jesus - 12-25-2010

Hooch Wrote:Happy Birthday Jesus. Thanks for everything! Especially strippers.

Remember to share the Asian one is for Speng. Boy it sucks having to work on your birthday. Satan keeps sending me soul transfer paperwork for a Anheuser-Busch executive we already transfered to hell in 1983. Satan sent Mike Vick's soul back up here and we still don't know what to do with Micheal Jackson we have been shuffling that paperwork back and forth for years now. Yep the holidays get busy

Birthdays - Speng - 12-25-2010

Just in case you missed it in the Merry Christmas thread, Happy Birthday Jesus.

Birthdays - Speng - 12-27-2010

Happy Birthday Hooch, hope you have a great day!

Birthdays - Securb - 12-27-2010

Happy Birthday Hooch. We started a collection to get you a Kevin Kolb shirt. We didn't get enough money so we will get it in January when they are 80% off.

Birthdays - Gator - 12-28-2010

Happy belated Hooch. If we can't find a Kolb jersey, I'm sure we can still get a nice McNabb jersey at a great price for him. He can probably have his choice of Eagles green or Redskins burgundy and gold. Either one would be dirt cheap.

Birthdays - Securb - 12-28-2010

In Miami gas stations they are giving away Heene shirts with every fillup

Birthdays - Speng - 07-02-2011

Happy Birthday Bruce!