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NCPD part 1 - CTN - 03-24-2015

They are here. Custom pups from Declan at Deacci.

[Image: tmp_11416-IMG_20150324_131452-1654241809...gle9xy.jpg]

Woot. I have some stuff to do first before I can install these. Bridge pickup is going straight into the Polaris.... just as soon as I finish installing a set of texas specials in my friend's strat and setting it up, then filing down and re-doing the fret ends on the Polaris. Then I gotta set it up too. Spring maintenance package, as 'twere.

The neck pickup is destined for the Showmaster, but I gotta hold off on that until the F-spaced bridge pup arrives.

RE: NCPD part 1 - Agileguy - 03-24-2015

Ooh, tasty! Nice packaging too. I can't wait to hear what you think of them.

RE: NCPD part 1 - CTN - 03-26-2015

didn't get to play yesterday. Long day at work.

Won't get to play today. long day at work and early start tomorrow.

If I'm lucky I might get to play a bit tomorrow evening and then probably not again until sunday.


RE: NCPD part 1 - King IzzO))) - 03-27-2015

That's some fancy packaging.