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RE: NWD... New wood day - CTN - 05-09-2015

goes with the permanently blue balls?

NWD... New wood day - CTN - 05-09-2015

'sgonna be a sammich like so:

[Image: 4b3ed09fd0920d7e75750fb9923520eb.jpg]

RE: NWD... New wood day - Agileguy - 05-09-2015

Purple and blue isn't my favorite color combo but what can I do about it?

RE: NWD... New wood day - Oinkus - 05-09-2015

So a power strip isn't a part of your general setup ? I run a couple 18v pedals with the wall warts in my strip never was an issue for me ? Doesn't the Pitchblack have power output on it ?

RE: NWD... New wood day - CTN - 05-09-2015

It does but I don't think it'll have enough current load capacity to handle all the effects I need to power. I could be wrong about that, but either way, I want to make sure that my power ends up nice and clean. A power strip is not part of my solution, no. I don't want to have to deal with a bunch of heavy wall wart transformers on the board. This is supposed to be a lighter, more portable board. With the exception of the TC Nova Repeater, everything else can be powered with a generic 9V daisy chain, but like I said, I would like to run the OCD and EP booster at 18V. And again, if I end up getting the HOF reverb, then the Nova gets bumped off and I don't need to worry about the 12V supply for it. It sounds kinda gross and clippy at 9V.

After putting all the pedals onto it, it might not be much lighter, but it'll definitely be more portable and a lot nicer to look at.

Once I work out the power distribution solution, I'm going to route away whatever I need to to make it as low-profile as possible while still maintaining structural integrity.

And inverse tachyon beams.

RE: NWD... New wood day - Agileguy - 05-09-2015

I power this whole thing without any wall warts. It's just a Pedal Power II+ and a Pedal Power Digital.

[Image: IMG_20150509_001506_zpsjco6kzoh.jpg]

RE: NWD... New wood day - CTN - 05-09-2015

lack of inverse tachyon beams = hundreds of dollars wasted.

Sheeeeeit, I bet you ain't even got any bussard collectors.

RE: NWD... New wood day - Big Flannel - 05-09-2015

(05-09-2015, 06:10 PM)Agileguy Wrote: Awesome! You always have the coolest projects so I'm sure this will be awesome.

Just curious, have you thought about tolexing it instead of staining it? Yeah it costs more, which won't work if you're super budget conscious for this project, but tolex boards are awesome, especially two toned ones.

Like this:

[Image: IMG_5478.jpg]

or this:

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]


RE: NWD... New wood day - CTN - 05-09-2015

ok i did some research.

if i get a HOF mini, and a Volto, I can basically run my entire board off 9V. And be wireless. And HOLY FUCK HAVE YOU SEEN THE TONEPRINT SHIT?! You can set up a toneprint on a smartphone, play some weirdass computer noise into your bridge pickup, and it automatically loads the shit into the pedal!!!!!!!

VOODOO I TELLS YA!! Check this shit out.

Jibbers Crabst.

Anyway. I'd have to compromise on the OCD/EP Booster 18V thing, but fuck it. Like Steve Morse says... good things in small packages.

Ok so that's the plan now. Get a Volto and a HOF mini. Quiet, rechargeable, wireless power and a bunch of sweet, effective pedals. I think the only thing left is getting a fuzz instead of hitting two boosts to grunge up the sound. At the moment I'm boosting an LPB-1 with the EP booster, OCD and EHX east river drive at the same time. It's all sweet marshally gain until i hit the LPB-1 at the end of the chain and then it gets fuzzy as fuck but not in a nice musical way. Sounds too harsh. A nice fuzz would sound good in place of that.

I should think that for that sorta position, I should rather get a booster that fuzzes up musically, rather than a fuzz that sounds like shit when it's boosted to hell.

What say y'all, Dev, Jordan, et. al.?

RE: NWD... New wood day - Big Flannel - 05-09-2015

Hmm...I still like the fuzz face idea that Jordan had to be honest. A Pharoah could be good as well.

There are just soooo many types of fuzz circuit that it'll take a bit of tike for me to think on it.

Toneprint is awesome. My alter ego x4 can be used with the toneprint editor to create my own versions of Echoplex, DMM (blue label), etc.