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RE: NWD... New wood day - Agileguy - 05-09-2015

Ooh yeah, the Pharaoh is an excellent option. I had one for a while and though it's based loosely on the Big Muff, it's super versatile. I still think you should go and try a few fuzz faces at your best local shop, but if you had to order something without playing it the Pharaoh is a great option.

Just beware that using a HOF (or any digital pedal really) will diminish the battery life of the volto by possibly a few hours. I was reading a thread about people who were powering (IIRC) the HOF mini off the volto and they said they could get like 5 hours with it as opposed to 8 hours without it.

I know the appeal of going power cable-less is strong, but remember that since the volto is rechargeable, it will at some point start to hold less of a charge. I don't think it's been out long enough for anyone to have that happen to them, but if you want a power supply that will last 3+ years, this may not be the best option. It's at least worth researching if pedaltrain has posted how many charge cycles they've tested it for.

I got a Cioks Adam for my PT-Nano and I couldn't be happier. It's tiny enough to mount under the nano yet powerful enough to put out 700ma. Plus it's only $109. And if you're a TGP member there's a canadian shop that will sell you one for $100 shipped. Just some things to consider.

Devin - yeah those boards are pretty awesome. I've actually seen a bunch of rad tolex boards lately, some at surprisingly good prices. Hit me up about that if you want so we don't sidetrack Ryan's thread too much.

RE: NWD... New wood day - Snake Aces - 05-09-2015

This is gonna be an awesome board. I had never heard of this Volto character but I think I want one.

RE: NWD... New wood day - CTN - 05-09-2015

k well I definitely gotta do more research on the fuzz.

But for the HOF mini, it's a 100mA current draw. Gotta see what the rest of my pedals will draw and if the Volto can handle it.

there's also the option of using a much cheaper Lithium Ion charger for cellphones and such, and plugging that into the volto. They typically run much higher mAh ratings than the volto battery so I could effectively double/triple/quadruple the stock battery life of the volto, and spend only a fraction more because apparently, music equipment manufacturers love ripping off musicians and cellphone equipment manufacturers use reasonable pricing since it's a more competitive market. Hey Pedaltrain, it's the same fucking technology, asswads. Thanks for gouging all the starving musicians.

RE: NWD... New wood day - Oinkus - 05-10-2015

I have the HOF mini and really haven't found a toneprint I like for it at all. The original is a much more versatile pedal but I would probably go with something else myself.

RE: NWD... New wood day - CTN - 05-10-2015

Have you used the toneprint editor?

All I really want is a nice spring reverb sound anyway.

RE: NWD... New wood day - Oinkus - 05-10-2015

Yeah it is a bunch of work to dial in something , was not very fun or interesting to mess around with. Easier to just wait for awhile and go back after they make newer ones. It is not really easy to check them out without using a phone , you have to hook it up download blah, blah ,blah etc. Just got used to stuff from the 20th century.I did get a long cable that will reach my board for the Ditto X2. Spring reverb is what I am using would say it is the best of the bunch.

RE: NWD... New wood day - Big Flannel - 05-10-2015

If you're willing to put in the effort I'm sure you'll find the editor to be VERY useful. You can essentially tweak every parameter.

Of course, they should have a simple spring preset already available.

RE: NWD... New wood day - CTN - 05-15-2015

revised plan.

Ditch the East River Drive. Get a micro TS-style pedal
Get a Bonamassa mini fuzz face.

Write off the HOF reverb. Get one of these instead: Z.Cat Tremolo-Vibrato-Reverb Handmade in LATVIA

So good sounding

RE: NWD... New wood day - Agileguy - 05-15-2015

Good thinking

RE: NWD... New wood day - youngthrasher9 - 05-18-2015

The Tolex is a cool idea, but personally I'm gonna use spray on bedliner for my pedalboard build.