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NPD incoming v1.0 - CTN - 05-27-2015

It's small.

It's round.

It's black.

It's got some old Russian components.

And although I hate the thought of using signature gear from anyone, let alone one of my major influences, this thing has the sound that I've been looking for. Fat, warm, smooth, and fuzzy without being too hairy.

It's a Bonamassa mini Fuzz Face.

I might have to make/drink a black russian when it gets here.


RE: NPD incoming v1.0 - Big Flannel - 05-27-2015

Did you buy shitty zinc batteries?

Cause you need em...if you want it to sound right, of course.


RE: NPD incoming v1.0 - CTN - 05-27-2015

thanks bro. I didn't buy any shitty zinc batteries yet.

I have some old alkalines though.

RE: NPD incoming v1.0 - lreese - 05-27-2015

You have a date with the dollar store - do not resist!