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RE: Groan! - GoldenVulture - 10-24-2015

Fucking Politically Pathetic Minority
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[Image: CSE9XB2VAAE6XMX.jpg] chairfall
Quote:“To see something like that, come on man, this isn’t 1995. You can have those jokes with your friends, but to be on a sign is a bit rude,” Mr Wakefield told the Herald Sun.

After the owner refused to remove the sign he and his friends left the bar, he said.

Owner Steve Miller said the sign had been up for seven years, was not meant to cause offence and people, including gay customers, found it hilarious.

RE: Groan! - lreese - 10-25-2015

[Image: 22458506242_723236d857_z.jpg]

RE: Groan! - GoldenVulture - 10-27-2015

Quote:Woof you believe it: Woman shot in foot - by DOG called TRIGGER
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RE: Groan! - LesStrat - 10-27-2015


Let us paws and send good thoughts to the owner. It would be a step in the right direction.

RE: Groan! - GoldenVulture - 10-28-2015

Done , good thoughts fur her.

RE: Groan! - lreese - 10-28-2015

That shotgun must have gotten a trigger job somewhere down the line.

RE: Groan! - LesStrat - 10-30-2015

There is nothing quite like the feeling of sitting naked in a bean bag chair eating Cheetos.

I hope they let me back in Walmart.

RE: Groan! - Dr. Vegetable - 10-30-2015

You keep this up, pretty soon they won't let you shop at Amazon.

RE: Groan! - lreese - 10-30-2015

I'll be the crumbs get quite uncomfortable after a while.

RE: Groan! - LesStrat - 11-01-2015

Jesus is talking to the Pharisees.

Jesus: "I am the Son of God."
Pharisees: "No way!"
Jesus: "Yah-weh!"