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New Fenders - lreese - 10-06-2015

I think they missed the mark on this one.

Its cool, but this would be an opportunity of a neck-through.

RE: New Fenders - lreese - 10-06-2015

Now this one is interesting.

I really like this guy's demos.

RE: New Fenders - Oinkus - 10-06-2015

Top is a walnut veneer , might be an 1/8" thick if you are lucky. Not like wood changes the sound of an electric guitar or anything. Sure is pretty and it sounds great , doesn't hurt that the guy playing it has tons of skill and techniques either it always makes a guitar sound better.

RE: New Fenders - Securb - 10-06-2015

They look like the old Washburns. I almost bought a Falcon back in the day the thing screamed I should have snagged it. 

[Image: WashburnFalcon-small.jpeg]

RE: New Fenders - lreese - 10-06-2015

[Image: 1979-martin-EM-18-electric-guitar-vintage-01.jpg]