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NAD - Snake Aces - 04-08-2016

Well, I've been looking for a decent amp to fuck around with again for a few months now. I almost pulled the trigger on a used cab to load my Cannabis Rex in yesterday so I could order a nice used Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 head I found down in Dallas but then plans changed.

I was browsing the bay of E last night when I found somebody had an amp I used to own and love at an unbelievable price! I had to pull the trigger right away. He has not shipped it yet, so I'm trying not to jinx myself here but I feel like I just hopped out a window and jumped a fence with this amp in my hands.

RE: NAD - karpathion - 04-08-2016

Well, what is it man? The anticipation is killing me!

RE: NAD - Snake Aces - 04-08-2016

Just a Traynor YCV50 Custom Blue combo. 50 watts, E34's... my biggest complaint is that it's a combo amp. I will still be piecing together some kind of rig for amp heads, but I will take more time piecing it together now that I have something to jam with again. I wasn't planning on getting 50 watts yet since I've only jammed with other guitarists since being back so far, but shit, might as well find a drummer now.

It's nothing special but it's an amp I've had great success with in the past and I'm really excited to own one again. I think I'll be toying with the idea of running KT77's in this one since I don't really play single coils and this amp really shines with single coils under E34 use. I usually prefer KT77 tubes with humbuckers in Traynor amps.

RE: NAD - Snake Aces - 04-08-2016

Oh... and check this out, I got this amp for $200! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the Buy It Now price of $200 last night. I couldn't have clicked to buy it any faster. I didn't even take time to read about it because I know a guy who repairs Traynor amps. Luckily this one says it plays perfectly. I have the guy looking for the footswitch right now but I'll order one if he can't find it.

RE: NAD - LesStrat - 04-08-2016

I love your description of the transaction. Well done on that and the deal!

RE: NAD - karpathion - 04-08-2016

Very nice price! Good score.

RE: NAD - Securb - 04-08-2016

I love Traynor amps that is such a great score. I claim first right of refusal if you decide to get rid of it.

RE: NAD - Snake Aces - 04-08-2016

I'll let ya know if I decide to sell this one but it seems unlikely in the near future since I couldn't stop thinking about how much I regretted selling this amp while I was in Greece!

RE: NAD - Snake Aces - 04-08-2016

Here she is:

RE: NAD - Snake Aces - 04-08-2016

Well, the guy says he found the footswitch and the amp has been marked as shipped!

I don't know if this is a new high or a new low for me but here I am on a Friday night looking at KT77 tubes at Eurotubes instead of being out trying to get laid.