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RE: NAD - LesStrat - 04-08-2016


RE: NAD - Snake Aces - 04-10-2016

You know it! It took me almost 48 hours more to decide but I finally placed my order for new tubes! It's gonna be great to be playing through KT77's again!

I ordered 5 new sets of strings too, it's time to spit shine.

RE: NAD - Snake Aces - 04-13-2016

Back to this project for a moment because these just arrived:

[Image: 20160413_135728.jpg]

Now I just have to wait 6 more days for the amp to show up...

RE: NAD - Snake Aces - 04-16-2016

It has arrived! Time to pop the hood:

[Image: IMG_20160416_094823.jpg]

RE: NAD - Securb - 04-16-2016

Blue? That is sweeter than expected