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Totally forgot - belated NCD - Agileguy - 05-14-2016

I picked this up a few weeks back but forgot to post about it. Better late than never, right?

[Image: 4ff6d3b9e337b4bb187b996c63746b11.jpg]

It's one of the old halfback Mesa cabs from the 80's - a perfect match for my Mark IIB coliseum. I've been on the lookout for one since I got the amp and I got a decent deal on this one. It was about $380 with tax - not amazing, but not bad by any means.

The only reason it's not an amazing deal is because those aren't EVM12L's in there. On the one hand, I'm kind of glad, as I can actually lift this thing. It's lighter than the old Mesa 2x12 halfback cab I had a while back (that one had the EVM in it). But on the other hand, I'm a big fan of the EVM12L. And to be honest, I kind of want the extra headroom that putting two of those in the bottom would have. I kind of want to get a pair and pop them in, but to be honest I haven't even had time to use it yet. For all I know, I could be perfectly happy with the black shadows that are in there now. Hopefully I'll be able to jam soon so I can try it out.

If nothing else though, it definitely looks "right" under the Coliseum.

[Image: 2acf697246df4d6fc11165aea6be511d.jpg]

RE: Totally forgot - belated NCD - Dr. Vegetable - 05-14-2016

Now that you have a job, you need a larger rehearsal space.

Happy NCD!

RE: Totally forgot - belated NCD - Securb - 05-14-2016

You are going to soon run out of space. Trust me on this one. Great cab and a sweet setup.

RE: Totally forgot - belated NCD - lreese - 05-14-2016


I've got 2 4X12's in the basement. Mostly use combos and 1X12 Thieles. One of the THD's is upstairs for the Marshall and Dual Rec - but probably would sound as good with the Thiele.