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Well, Here's My NCD - lreese - 07-14-2016

That's cable not cab - Sorry Jordan.  huge grin

1st time using a coiled cable in a long, long time - longer than some here have been on this earth!  So the opinion after 90 minutes:

Its a 20' Lava Retro-Coil.

Plugs - I like them a lot - definitely a step up from the GLS I've been using.  Might get some, should be G&H plugs.  Seem nicer than the switchcraft I've had.

The cable is oddly heavy.  I take it to mean also durable - but hey, its got a lifetime warranty!.  I mean pick it up, its a little weighty - of course, you are picking up more cable with the coils, but it seems heavier that a typical decent 20' cable.

The tone - definitely browns it out a little (IIRC, a Strat with 3 5.9K/A5 pickups, Lava into compressor and then to the amp).  Ample treble, but you can tell broader mids in the mix.  

Need to try with some other guitars/amps to see how it affects those.  All in all, looks like a really nice cable if you're willing to make the assumption that it will change your base tone.

RE: Well, Here's My NCD - LesStrat - 07-15-2016

I bought 2 GLS coil cables recently. I had the same experience. They are MUCH heavier than the ones from 30 years ago.

I like using it for church, when mobility is limited. It keeps me from stepping on my cable.