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Incoming SD - lreese - 07-27-2016

Definitely not Seymour Duncan Day!

Also not Strat day, but close..  huge grin

Its Strap Day!  Having a custom one made.

Saw these on TGP and made a comment - the guy who made them got back to me.

[Image: DSCF9431_zpsvlffrcgx.jpg]

I don't like them boogered up like that so I want for a plain version of the one on the left.  Suede padding.

ETA about 2 weeks.

RE: Incoming SD - lreese - 07-28-2016

And its already made and in the mail... Hopefully, early next week.

RE: Incoming SD - GoldenVulture - 07-28-2016

[Image: TgBHV.jpg]

RE: Incoming SD - lreese - 07-28-2016

Your cat looks overjoyed!

RE: Incoming SD - Funkfingers - 07-28-2016

Pink Unicorn Moggie

RE: Incoming SD - lreese - 08-01-2016

Hot off the mailtruck!

[Image: 28703851115_db4e325492_c.jpg]IMG_0072 by imnothere2000, on Flickr