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More gear porn - lreese - 07-27-2016

Gotta say it - Fulltone makes solid stuff.

RE: More gear porn - Oinkus - 07-28-2016

I just have a Voodoo Labs Microvibe it doesn't sound that good at all.He has a serious Robin Trower vibe going on there. $202 on the Fulltone site

RE: More gear porn - lreese - 07-28-2016

Think my Deja-2 was a lot more than that. I actually liked it more than the one on my Captain Coconut, just not as tweakable.

Seems way too controlled for a cranked amp.

RE: More gear porn - lreese - 08-09-2016

Actually pulled the Deja2 out to make sure its OK - Definitely less tweakable than the FoxRox, but its just right!