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Estimation Deficiency - Oinkus - 09-08-2016

I am upgrading and older Ibanez SR 505 5 string bass for free just charging for the parts. First thing I found was it needed a fret job and that will be pricey of course.I thought the pickups were Korean made Bartolinis MK -1s and bought a $195 preamp to fix the problem. They are Ibanez pickups ,$246 for Bartolini 72M4C set. Pulled part of the bridge ground wire out so I took off the bridge , base plate is bent over an 1/8th of an inch and rusted. Deal on ebay for a Babicz $114 shipped to me.Nut fell of when I took the strings off to remove the bridge , it is badly disfigured and a new one is $18.65 with the shipping added. Bartolinis don't come with mounting screws , jackplate and a pair of knobs (42ish with nut)  More than $630 into this now and yet to get fretjob. Some things just don't work out the way you plan them? Oh yeah the bass amp I bought 3/13 is going back for warranty repairs, it is not my week.

RE: Estimation Deficiency - LesStrat - 09-08-2016

Wow. Sorry for your troubles, bro.

RE: Estimation Deficiency - Oinkus - 09-09-2016

Not trouble , just how things always work out. No big deal , if this is the worst life throws at me this week I am in hog freaking heaven!!!!! Going to be a smoking ass hot bass when I finish and well over $1000 in parts and labor.

RE: Estimation Deficiency - Securb - 09-10-2016

(09-08-2016, 03:02 PM)Oinkus Wrote: Bartolinis don't come with mounting screws 

That is some cheap assed bullshit right there. 

RE: Estimation Deficiency - Oinkus - 09-10-2016

It goes on! I am an idiot , thought my screwgun was on 1 it was on 10. Pulled the top off of 2 of the mounting screws for the bridge. The Bartolini pickups should come with foam tape backing too BTW.

RE: Estimation Deficiency - Oinkus - 09-12-2016

And it goes on into oblivion ! The Babicz is a wide spaced bridge , so I borrowed $114 from my sister and it is unuseable for this bass. Someone come over and put me out of my misery , please? Anyone have a 5 string fender that needs a really nice bridge ?