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Moving the EMG discussion over here.
Have another 90 minutes or so on the DG20 setup.  

I still remember how crappy SV's were.  They sounded nice until you put it up next to a real single - but no way could I get the combos to quack like a duck.

Gotta say, I'm thinking I dig it.  Ask me in 2 weeks LOL.  I'm finding the active setups (Clapton and this one) really like the modelers.

There's that response I mentioned before...  I remember it because I have another box stock Strat with that response - The 1954 RI with the birdseye neck.  Thinking about it a while, clarity might be a better word.  

I like the bridge pickup - steely and wiry, but not too much.

Anyway, a clip of stuff just thrown out there - I go through the SPC a couple of whirls to show the mid boost, but its not too dramatic.  The SPC only dipping he mids slightly on this clip.  SA's just needed a little extra on the top end.

Now to compare to Fishmans...  Well, Fishmans are definitely closer to the the old school pickups.  Only thing I did not get figured out is how much HF tilt to use.  Connected was too much, 5K was too bright.  These might wind up in the '75.

Oh I see Eric Gales is rocking the Fishmans in one of his Strat-oids.
Listless Vessels!
Love the Fishmans in my Strat they sound great in everything I have plugged it into. The really nice Custom Strat that I got for my friend has the David Gilmour EMG SA set and the booster built in too. Great sounding guitar all around can go from very classic Strat sounds to overthetop gain metal . I pretty much not a fan of the standard 81/85 set but I had a set of EMG humbuckers in my Steinberger and they worked for everything very well also. Blah,blah.,blah I can ramble on about this stuff forever.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley

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