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Anyone else using EZ Drummer?
Not sure what I think of it yet, as I just purchased it 2 days ago. I got The Metal Foundry MIDI pack with it.

For those that use it, please explain this shit in a dumb way. That song creator keeps giving me the same stuff, over and over again, no matter what riff I start with. And, that tap to find thing never finds anything to match what I'm working with. I hate to say it, but at the moment, this was not a very good $170 investment. Maybe I'm just missing something.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
I just got it and have to write a review on it this weekend. Once I dig in I will connect with you.
I've only got as far as picking a kit and getting it to play a stored pattern.
I can do a ton of stuff on it, but it's nothing that I can't do in FPC already. I just can't ever find a drum riff that matches what I'm playing. Some will be close, but a kick or snare will be off, and it messes the whole thing up. The tap to find doesn't get me what i need, and I always get the same setup in the song generator, no matter what beat i start with. Like, it's always the same 4 intros, verses, pre chorus, chorus, bridges, and endings. No matter what the beat, or time sig.

It feels to me like another money pit. At $30 each for midi packs, and $80 for the ezx expansions, you could drop $500 in this thing, and still not get what you want. It's making me think of those pay to play/ pay to win video games on our phones. You have to spend more money on it every time you want do something different. I'm just not digging it, and there isn't much I haven't done with it. It's still faster and easier for me to program my stuff in FPC.

I don't know... I'm going to spend the rest of the day messing around with it, but so far, all it's good for to me is pulling up a random beat and noodling. Can't use it in practical recording situations, because the beats never really match what you are playing. That, or I just need to find a real drummer to jam and record with. There is just no substitution for a human drummer that knows what he's doing.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
Quote: There is is just no substitution for a human drummer that knows what he's doing.
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I have almost $12k worth of drums in the jam room and nobody to sit in front of them and hit them.Used to have world class drummers lined up to play with us , now I don't even get bottom feeders without meter.[Image: th_Roddenny002_zpsbd360e66.jpg]
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Never tried it, but from all you guys' comments it doesn't sound like I'd want to.

I got Acoustica Beatcraft about 10 years ago for around $40 and it suits me just fine... I just program out what I hear in my head and then play along.

Still not even close to a substitute for a real drummer, but it's handy when you have limited recording equipment and no personal ability to slap the skins.

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You do the best you can with what you have to work with
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