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TMRzoo Survivor Pool 2008
Ok gents, its time again to show how little we know about football and battle it out... survivor style. I'll sweeten the pot this year with a little more than a Tshirt and shitty DVDs. The winner will have their choice of prize from any actively running contest on the site at the time the pool ends. Excluded from the choices are any contest that has only one prize up for grabs or any item listed as the "grand prize" of any multiple-prize contest. Included are any DVD box sets where multiple copies are up for grabs.

Entry info:
Group ID#: 17495
Password: zoo

Good Luck!

Try to use your TMR name in your pick set name somewhere so we know who is who
Cool, I'm in for last place as usual.
I'm in
"Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try."

Homer Simpson
I'm in
There's no crying in baseball
Im in and wondering what the first upset that wipes out half of us is going to be?
Securb Wrote:Im in and wondering what the first upset that wipes out half of us is going to be?

week 3: Miami at New England
Hooch Wrote:week 3: Miami at New England

I am going to be at that game I can only hope.
Hooch Wrote:week 3: Miami at New England

I'll be happy to make it to week 3
For once I'd like to be called sir without someone adding "your making a scene".
Thanks Hooch! I'm In, let's see if I can make better choices this season. :rolleyes:

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