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TMRzoo Survivor Pool 2008
bobbyt2 Wrote:tough call between the PATS & the CHARGERS this week :confused:

NO WAY the Jets make SanDiego 0-3 ...right?;)

I wouldn't bet on Favre even if it was your money I was betting with. I personally like Buffalo this week. The Raiders are in disarray.
Securb Wrote:The Pats isnt a lock

NOW I look @ this:mad::mad::mad: I'm OUT!
fu*king Pennington/Brown=single wing formation=no answer on D:rolleyes:
I'm still in but survived by an ass hair in Buffalo :eek:
Denver and Dallas killed the field I see... 3 remain.
good luck to my two remaining competitors, hopefully we can keeping this going for a few weeks.
Big upsets two weeks in a row. I am out in both of my pools
Hooch Wrote:Denver and Dallas killed the field I see... 3 remain.

For some reason I thought Denver was at home. I never would have picked them at KC. Although I would have got kicked out anyway because my 2nd choice was Dallas :mad:
Looks like the final two guys in the pool (Homer and LeadFootPaul) got ousted by the Rams this weekend.

I have no problem issuing a prize to both of you. Fair game is any currently-running contest with more than one Prize... which would be:

Indy and the Kingdom of the Crystal SKull DVD
Graham Nash CD
South of Pico DVD
The Happening DVD
Keeping Up With the Kardashians - Season One DVD
Stacks - CraZee and ConfuZed CD

Let me know.

I'll start the pool up again, so everyone is back in for week 7.
congrats to winners
I'm in for the next stretch:cool:
same here

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