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You're f'ing kidding me right?
Aunt Freddy is that you?
Thursday, July 09, 2009 - An Alpharetta woman who led Sandy Springs police on a high-speed chase Wednesday night was allegedly trying to light a crack pipe even as officers broke out a window of the vehicle to arrest her.

The chase began in the 7800 block of Roswell Road after a tag check on a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe revealed that the registered driver’s license had been suspended for driving under the influence, Sandy Springs police Lt. Steve Rose said.

When the officer attempted to stop the Santa Fe, Lisa Beth Solanik, 43, made a U-turn and sped northbound on Roswell Road.
Rose said officers deployed “stop sticks” at Dunwoody Place and Roswell Road, deflating two of the suspect’s tires.

“The car then drove onto Verdun Drive off Roberts Drive, where it struck one of the police vehicles,” Rose said. “The suspect’s car was then cornered and pinned to a stop by two Sandy Springs police vehicles.”
Rose said that as officers were breaking the side window of the Santa Fe to take Solanik into custody, she was “in the process of trying to light what appeared to be a crack pipe.”

Solanik was charged with obstruction of a police officer, fleeing and/or attempting to elude a police officer, disorderly conduct, driving under the influence of drugs and eight traffic charges. She is in the Fulton County Jail, awaiting an initial court appearance on Friday.

Rose said one Sandy Springs police officer was treated and released for a minor injury sustained during the chase.
It'd be safe to assume she had a bit of a crack problem.
imagine a world without crack...... nah!
34 hospitalized after co-worker sprays perfume

FORT WORTH, Texas - At first, fire officials suspected that carbon monoxide or some other toxic fumes had sickened almost 150 people at a Texas bank call center.

It turned out that perfume was to blame.

MedStar ambulance spokeswoman Lara Kohl says 34 people were taken to hospitals, 12 by ambulance, after reporting dizziness and shortness of breath Wednesday at a Bank of America call center in Fort Worth. Medics treated 110 at the scene.

Fort Worth fire Lt. Kent Worley says the incident started with two people complaining about dizziness after a co-worker sprayed perfume. Others reported being sick when an announcement was made that anyone with similar symptoms should exit the building.

Investigators do not know what type of perfume was sprayed.
I love it. 2 people were sick, so they announced that anyone who was sick should leave. Suddenly 110 people are sick. Hell yeah, I'm sick, gimme the day off too.
I'm feeling sick....

I can understand, have you smelled some of the shit people wear? ugh....

then you mix old lady perfume with old lady hair spray, that's just toxic. it reminds me of when my grandma used to take me to church...
The elevator at my work sucks. All of the smokers get on reeking of smoke and cheap perfume there is one woman that I will not get in the elevator with. Sometimes the elevator is empty and it still smells like ass.
does she have vaginosis, dr loves chicks with vaginosis
The son of Academy Award winner Michael Douglas has been arrested once again — this time in the Big Apple for getting in the middle of a deal to sell an eye-popping pile of crystal meth, law-enforcement sources said yesterday.

The 30-year-old sometime-actor/sometime-DJ was busted on July 28 at the Gansevoort Hotel in the Meatpacking District by a DEA task force, the sources said.

He had been staying at the hotel for some time in a room rented by his father, and when authorities barged in, they found the place a mess and Cameron Douglas "very strung out," according to the sources.

An informant had told the investigators that Douglas — grandson of Kirk Douglas — was the middleman in a deal to move a half-pound of crystal meth from California to New York to sell.

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