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You're f'ing kidding me right?
Securb Wrote:He should have stomped a mudhole in the guy's ass

I'm sure the other inmates have taken care of that.....

but in all honest he'd be a lot bloodier if it were my child.... if I let him continue to breathe.
That guy looks like a total dick
Several teenage boys in the Turtleford area are facing sexual assault charges in connection with an incident involving another boy at a drinking party last winter.......

......It wasn't until several days after the party that the mom learned Turtleford RCMP were investigating a possible sexual assault that occurred at her home.

At some point during the night, the 15-year-old had passed out, says the mom.

"They pulled his pants down and propped a beer bottle between his butt cheeks and took a picture," she said.

"He apparently didn't even know the picture was taken until the next day."
The mom says her son told her he doesn't know anything about the beer bottle, but they did pull pranks on the boy.

"They did the shaving cream. And I know they did marker on him because in the morning, the boy got up to go to work and I said, 'You can't go to work with marker all over your face.' "

Since learning about the incident at her home, the mom has heard many stories from her son about parties he's been to. He told her he had been "tea-bagged," the term used to describe boys rubbing their genitals over the face of someone who has passed out. At another party, a teenage boy shoved a ping-pong ball in a boy's anus.

"There's no line. They don't know the boundaries. That kind of thing. I'm not saying my son is innocent, but I'm saying he's not the only one that would have taken part in this," said the mom, whose son was paddled with a two-by-four in the fall of 2008 when he was entering high school.....
And to think , all we did was put ketchup in people's shoes and lock them in out in the snow, or maybe hide their car on them when they passed out, I think :rolleyes:
There's no crying in baseball
When you start waking up with ping pong balls in your ass it's time to stop drinking. At least that is when I stopped.
Man, I feel like a dick. When any of my friends would pass out, all we would do was turn them on their stomach so they wouldn't choke on puke. Looks like I passed up a perfectly good opportunity for some humiliation.

I don't know, I just never felt the need to pull down another dude's pants or slap him in the face with my dick. Kids today are so gay.
My band did a lot of fucked up shit when someone passed out, but none of the homo-erotic crap that sports teams and frats tend to do.

One of the funniest was two girls took about a half hour making up our 6"5' road manager's face with their makeup. The put the makeup on him flawlessly, eye shadow, lipstick, blush the whole nine. Imagine the Terminator with a tranny's head.

The best part of the story was the girl that did the makeup was being setup in this apartment by some married rich goomba wannabe.

The guy flipped out when he showed up unannounced. There were all of these long haired rock guys half his age hanging out with his girl in his play pad drinking beers. He was screaming at the girls and he and his buddy was threatening us.

He ended up waking up sleeping beauty. Our road manager had no clue he had on all of this make up and got in the guys grill. Pretty much threatened to break him in half. The guy was ten times more scared because he didn't know what to make of this giant tranny.

So we left and took our road manager out for late night Chinese. Still didn't tell him about the makeup. The next day he was ready to kill us. Payback was swift and painful
Securb Wrote:My band did a lot of fucked up shit when someone passed out, but none of the homo-erotic crap that sports teams and frats tend to do.

Yeah, nothing homo-erotic about turning your road manager into a tranny.
There's no crying in baseball
Gator Wrote:Yeah, nothing homo-erotic about turning your road manager into a tranny.

OK maybe it was homo. You know the guy in question, there was nothing erotic about it.
point well taken
There's no crying in baseball

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