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You're f'ing kidding me right?
skarydrunkguy Wrote:Is there even such a crime as "smoking more crack" since they already had him for the smoking of the crack... thats just wasteful to throw it out. Reduce, reuse, recycle, and finish your crack.

I think it is like DUI. They have aggravated DUI if you are beyond shitfaced or speeding. I think this was aggravated crack smoking.
ATLANTA -- Like most children, Carmen Jones' 4-year-old wants to play with his toys and most of all be loved by his family.

But Jones said they can't show him love with kisses the way they used to.

"When the cold sores were active, he wanted to give me a kiss, especially in the hospital. I said, 'no sweetie -- you know -- not in the mouth, you can't kiss mommy.' He said, 'mommy you don't love me anymore?' And so, it was very, very --- very hurtful," said Jones.

Jones said doctors suspected her grandson had herpes, but they didn't know for sure until Friday when they got his test results.

"He tested negative for the HIV and the STD, but positive for the herpes. It's the oral herpes," said Jones.

Jones said her grandson got herpes after he put his mouth on a used condom, he found in their hotel bed when they stayed at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in downtown Atlanta.

When CBS Atlanta first broke the story on Monday, Jones said her grandson thought the dirty condom was a balloon.

"I ran out the bathroom and my grandson had a condom in his mouth. His tongue was in the condom and he was trying to blow it up," said Jones.

Jones said it happened Aug. 1. Her grandson got sick and blisters formed in his mouth.

She said the blisters are gone now and he is better, but he still doesn't understand why he can't show his love with kisses.

"We're very close and yes, he always wants to kiss on me and I want to kiss on him," said Jones.

[Image: 24740259_640X480.jpg]
I'm glad I ate before I read that.
soooooooooo basically spring for a quality hotel room for your family?
i'm not sure I want to watch that....
Blackout in a Can

When a group of students from Central Washington University fell ill at a party and nine of them were rushed to the hospital earlier this month, doctors originally suspected the date rape drug, Rohypnol. Now investigators are looking at the alcoholic caffeine drink Four Loko.

Reports emerged that investigators had ruled out the date rape drug and turned their suspicions to the students' consumption of Four Loko as the cause--one 23.5 ounce can is roughly equivalent to drinking five or six beers plus several cups of coffee, reports ABC News.

But the company has been quick to defend their product. Students were reportedly drinking heavily and mixing alcohol the night of the party, which Four Loko spokespeople say caused them to fall ill.

The manufacturers released a statement to ABC where they insist that Four Loko is not dangerous if its warning labels are heeded:

"The unacceptable incident at Central Washington University, which appears to have involved hard liquor ... and possibly illicit substances, is precisely why we go to great lengths to ensure our products are not sold to underage consumers and are not abused."

For a "blackout in a can"--as the drink has been dubbed--which costs around $2.50 with the added bonus of caffeine, it's hardly a surprise this drink appeals to college students. Also unsurprisingly, calls to ban the drink have already started to spread across college campuses. Central Washington University has already banned the drink as well as other campuses in New York and New Jersey. After banning the drink at Ramapo College, President Peter Mercer said that drinking the beverages has, "no redeeming social purpose."

Which actually could describe most of college social life.
A never-before detected strain of virus that killed more than one-third of a monkey colony at a U.S. lab appears to have 'jumped' from the animals to sicken a human scientist, researchers report.

Although it's an unusual move for that type of virus and does warrant further monitoring, the researchers stress there is no cause for alarm :eek: at this time.

There is no evidence the virus has spread beyond the single scientist — who recovered from her illness — nor is there even proof that the virus would be transmissible between humans.

Still, "there is very strong evidence to suggest a cross-species transmission event happened," said lead investigator Dr. Charles Chiu, an assistant professor of laboratory medicine and medicine/infectious
diseases at the University of California San Francisco.

"I don't think people should be worried about this right now. It's more of a worry to public health officials monitoring these new viruses that have the potential for causing outbreaks."
Speng Wrote:Blackout in a Can.

This crap is on the cover of the local paper here in Boston. The stuff is more like Date Rape in a Can

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