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2008 NFL Playoffs
I have no problem with the Steelers

[Image: Steelersthong.jpg]
Hooch Wrote:If I see one more Steelers flag on a car I'm gong to pull them over and shove the flag up their ass.

I saw a car last week that had a Brewers flag flying, it looked like it's been out since last year, all tattered and faded. WTF, take that shit off your car.
ChrisH Wrote:I have no problem with the Steelers

That pic could go in the cameltoe thread.
Speng Wrote:That pic could go in the cameltoe thread.

That is the thread where they turn washcloths into terrible towels.
Bruce, I think your Superbowl article hit it right on the head... does anyone give a flying fuck about this Superbowl? I forgot that it was this weelend until my wife reminded me this morning that we've been paying into a high-dollar block pool since last February. I guess I might watch now.
I work with a Steelers fan he doesn't even seem excited. Usually he would have on a Steelers jersey the day before a big game or Pats vs. Pitt. Today nothing for the Superbowl.
I agree, it's almost like a non-event this year. At least last year it was about rooting against the Patriots, this year I could give two shits (possibly three) about who wins.
You read it here first - Cardinals 28-23.

As for excitement, when your other team makes it its pretty exciting.
When life gives you lemons, just say 'Fuck the lemons,' and bail.
Cardinals 3
Steelers 2
Will it blend? That is the question.
C-Notes Wrote:You read it here first - Cardinals 28-23.

As for excitement, when your other team makes it its pretty exciting.

Sorry, I don't understand this "other team" concept

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