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How Insanely Tough and BadAss is Pervertfreak?...
This might belong in the moron thread. No doubt Perv is tough, but I have a little more faith in dentists.
Will it blend? That is the question.
Now that your tooth is out, how about you take the chill out of this cold day with a few babes.
Hooch Wrote:Now that your tooth is out, how about you take the chill out of this cold day with a few babes.

Can we get Perv a new tooth with a camera built right in
i had a thought....

is perv more insanely brave than the guy that set his dick on fire?

he's smarter for sure...
Any updates Perv? How'd the gum heal, did you get an infection, get dry socket or anything?
No, it healed just fine. I went to the dentist a couple days later and expected them to yell at me and call me an idiot but they actually thought that it was cool. The dentist joked about hiring me and wanted to hear all about it. I knew about dry socket and was extra gentle when rinsing with Listerine and peroxide. When a tooth is pulled a blood clot forms which is critical to healing. You need to be careful to keep that blood clot intact because it's what eventually toughens and grows into gum flesh and fills the vacant hole. The dentist does recommend that I get an artificial tooth or bridge to fill the gap though.
A long time ago my daddy said, "Son, always cut away from yourself with a knife, treat every firearm as though it's loaded and never update your BIOS during a lightning storm".
Perv, Obama called he wants you as part of the National Health Plan

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