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Yard work is killing me
Securb Wrote:3DR3 I know what you are going to say and don't worry the Jaeger is in the fridge.

move it up to the freezer! trust me, I'm a professional LOL
I'm back outside today I just took out another 6 trees. One was about 12 inches around and 40 feet tall. This shit is killing me.
damn, where'd you drop that thing?
3dR3 Wrote:damn, where'd you drop that thing?

Dropped it right in the middle of the yard. Cut it up and dumped it at the edge of the property in a sinkhole. My whole body is killing me from lugging around 100 - 200 lbs tree pieces.
are there any canadians in the sink hole?
3dR3 Wrote:are there any canadians in the sink hole?

I havent closed the hole yet I was waiting for you to visit.
why? i hide all my bodies elsewhere...
3dR3 Wrote:why? i hide all my bodies elsewhere...

I dug it deep and it is just the size of an asian hooker why waste a good hole?
i never waste a good hole LOL

i'll stop by NYC on my way up and get some tunnel bunnies

they aren't really dudes, they just wear strap ons.
Off to Home Depot again for a weed wacker. Starting to feel like I am on a Plantation

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