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Yard work is killing me
Best tool to deal with trash that will shred is a Brush mower. AKA bush hog. Might be worth it to hire one out if the mess is big enough.
Listless Vessels!
I am already seeing evidence of the 2 1/2 gallons of weed killer I sprayed. w00t!
Because I said so. 
(04-11-2016, 10:08 PM)LesStrat Wrote: I am already seeing evidence of the 2 1/2 gallons of weed killer I sprayed. w00t!

What are you using? I get Scotts Weed and Feed granules. It is expensive but it gets the job done. 
Salt is cheap and works! LOL

(It does work, nothing's gonna grow there for a while)

Household bleach also works, just don't get it on your clothes. Might even be better for the soil than roundup.
Listless Vessels!
I filled up my trailer last week [ mostly on Saturday ] with a pile of garden waste. leaves and tree trimmings, etc.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=605]

A mate  asked if he could use my trailer today so I told him it was full of waste. His girlfriends grandfather  who lives in town, is in charge of the local tip, which is closed today. No worries, we go around to Grandpas and get the key and go and empty my trailer.  I got to do so for free where as it usually would have cost me to dump it.
    He wanted to pick up some cement sheeting so I went and helped him  do that, took it to his place, had a few ..... and came back home with an empty trailer.  That was handy. :toast:

Ive also been making a cage to throw electronic and metal junk in. Not quite finished yet. It's based on an old pallet.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=606]
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Just cleared brush and leaves for 4 hours. I am beyond filthy right now. It blows doing all of this work to dial the yard back to normal after the winter. It is not like I am even doing any improvements.
I treated a dozen fire ant hills yesterday.
Because I said so. 
I peed on a few fire ant hills myself today. Going for distance!

Man those f'ers get pissy when you piss on them. huge grin

On a bright note, the asparagus crop is coming in. Too bad it won't last for long.
Listless Vessels!
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Especially if the ants get to them
Because I said so. 

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