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The Weather Thread
Andy Dick says, "if I'm going to have any nut butter it better be Bruce's Premium Nut Butter"
Speng Wrote:Andy Dick says, "if I'm going to have any nut butter it better be Bruce's Premium Nut Butter"

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth
are those nuts actual size?
3dR3 Wrote:are those nuts actual size?

Had to shrink them down a bit to fith them on the screen.
figured... lol

so this should end the heat wave around here... we'll see
man, I was all set to enjoy a nice BBQ day and now it's raining cats, dogs and elephants. wtf?
I hope it passes quickly. I'm supposed to have a bbq today as well. It's hitting you first, then going North. So I'll be getting the rain soon. It's already pretty dark up here.
There's no crying in baseball
I'm in the South Jersey/Philly area and there are TONS of hardcore tornado warnings all over TV. It's kinda crazy. A couple of times every single channel went black and they aired audio telling you to hide in basements and to cover yourself with blankets and shit. I never saw anything like this before.
A long time ago my daddy said, "Son, always cut away from yourself with a knife, treat every firearm as though it's loaded and never update your BIOS during a lightning storm".
pervertfreak Wrote:I never saw anything like this before.

Really? I thought you guys saw that kind of weather more often.

We've had four or five tornado warnings like that so far this Summer....we still haven't hit 90 degrees...WTF? It feels like Fall in the morning.
I ended up bbq'ing despite the rain, wind, and lightning. by the time I was done, it had pretty much cleared up.

It was loads of fun running in and out of my house every few minutes. Run out, flip the burgers, run back in, dry off. Run out, turn the dogs, run back in, dry off... You get the picture.
There's no crying in baseball

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