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Need Opinions - Fender Showmaster MIK
I have a local lead on a Fender Showmaster. Korean made, HH configuration with Duncans.

Finding exact specs on the various incarnations of the showmaster models is proving a bit difficult, but from what I can tell, the specs are most likely:

basswood body, veneer top (quilted maple) - tobacco sunburst
maple neck/rosewood fretboard
pickups: possibly PG+/'59N or maybe '59B/PGN or maybe '59B+N
thin, fast neck. 24 frets
rosewood fretboard

I'm thinking it might be worth getting even if it is a basswood body. Not entirely sure since I've never actually played/owned a basswood guitar. I would most likely replace the pickups with a Full Shred Bridge/Screamin' Demon Neck and then sell off my red strat that would be a money sink to get it to where I want it (ie fretjob, new nut, new pickguard, new electronics, new pickups, new bridge).

The amount I'd have to spend on the red strat would be like twice as much as what the guitar itself was worth when I got it. Not sure if it's even worth spending that much money for a thing that says Squier on the headstock. Guy's asking only $50 more than the value of the red strat. Already asked if he might be interested in a trade but he ain't.

I need some second opinions here folks.

Here's the candidate:
[Image: %24_20.JPG]
[Image: %24_20.JPG]
When that model came out, I was poised to buy one. I wanna say it was 5 or 600 dollars. Something came up and I had to spend the money on something more important.

I was actually thinking about these a few days ago.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
The ol' custom shop showmasters were one of the first guitars that I actually fell in love with. So elegant.

I can't afford one of those at the moment. But these Korean ones... I could swing that. Guy's asking $400. Which is pretty reasonable if I can offload my red strat for $350.
I would do it. If he doesn't have tue trem Rm, you'll definitely be able to talk him down
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
he has two trem arms and a gig bag. good enough for me. lol

I'm gonna do it.

I just noticed on one of the other photos, Schaller M6 mini tuners. headbang
It's been too damn long since my last NGD. No surprise though, because I'm broke as a fucking joke.
sucks dude. don't have time to work/school at the same time?
yeah thems ain't helpin my GAS.

I'm definitely getting it. sadly I have to wait until later in the week cuz I'm gonna have zero time to meet up with him until then.
(10-05-2014, 06:06 PM)CTN Wrote: sucks dude. don't have time to work/school at the same time?

I bought a truck, a phone, and insurance this summer, so I don't have jack to spend on gear.

My job has reduced to 32 hours per week, so I'm basically making the equivalent of $8/hr full time which is a dollar less than minimum wage.

It doesn't help that my truck gets 20 mpg tops.

Honestly though, I'm doing fine. Hobbies are the only thing I've had to quit spending on, really.

/end hijack

The top on that looks pretty promising.

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