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NFL Talk - 2008
Is there some sort of Reebok/NFL rule that all starting quarterbacks must remove their helmets and wear an "official Reebok sideline cap" when they are off the field? They all do it and they are the only players who do.
Will it blend? That is the question.
[Image: pg2_newyear.jpg]
Will it blend? That is the question.
Where are all the Pats fans today? Gator, Frank are you guys hiding?
Hey, are we doing a playoff pool this year?
EaglesSuck Wrote:Hey, are we doing a playoff pool this year?

If you guys want to make picks I am sure we can throw some prizes your way. I am not making any picks because I dont want to jinx anything.
I'm thinking we just do "pick the playoffs" no agrees or disagrees or anything like that. I'm looking into sponsors now.
EaglesSuck Wrote:

Securb Wrote:Cowher?

He's probably going to the Jets
Hooch Wrote:He's probably going to the Jets

He passed on The Jets because they wouldn't give him total control, in Denver Shanahan was VP of Operations for a while so Denver is open to the idea of one guy running everything.

Cowher rejects Jets, wants more control

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