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Moving away from tube amps. Need power amp help.
If you're going into a DAW anyway, why not just record a dry signal through a decent interface? Then you can play with all the pedal, amp, and cab simulations you want.

Total tube snob here, but if you're going to do any digital production, you might as well go whole hog.

$0.02 - keep the change.
Someone should put that in their signature…
It's my OCD. I still have to have a physical rig. And well, It's what I want.

My stepdad used to have this stupid saying, but it stuck with me. "Take a fly that farts, and put aluminum wings on it. Then, change the body shape to make it look better. Add a set of chrome wheels to it's legs for smoother take off and landing. Give it teeth made of gold just for the wow factor... Do you know what you have now?"

It's still just a fly that farts.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
I think I'd be pretty fly if I had gold teeth.

[Image: 7000-gold-teeth-dj-talent-showcase-on-br...alent.jpeg]
Someone should put that in their signature…

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