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Maton Guitars
Gary is on this track.
- -
DGW stands for Dave[ different Dave on drums ]Gary and Wazza [Me] It was recorded in 74. In 84 I did a remix and added some keyboard. The original recording was done with a couple of SM57's and something else. [ 3 mics ] The tapes have suffered dropouts and stuff over the years but they're still reasonably listenable.

Other tracks on that Sound Cloud site have Jerry, Phil and Greg Sneddon in them.
War is me singing and playing acoustic geetar. Phil on gregs electric piano and Jerry on drums.
There is a bass in it but it's almost unhearable. It was played by a guy called Bruce Smith.
Socks is Phil Guitar Jerry drums and Greg on his electric piano. I " engineered " it and played leaf.
These tracks were recorded around Christmas 1970 on Gregs stereo Beocord reel to reel. It had built in echo.
Boredom is me Singing playing guitar and piano and gary playing bass.

The other tracks Build 2 and Gas are from the 80's, done on a four track reel to reel. The keyboard is my Polysix.

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