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Moving the EMG discussion over here.
Have another 90 minutes or so on the DG20 setup.  

I still remember how crappy SV's were.  They sounded nice until you put it up next to a real single - but no way could I get the combos to quack like a duck.

Gotta say, I'm thinking I dig it.  Ask me in 2 weeks LOL.  I'm finding the active setups (Clapton and this one) really like the modelers.

There's that response I mentioned before...  I remember it because I have another box stock Strat with that response - The 1954 RI with the birdseye neck.  Thinking about it a while, clarity might be a better word.  

I like the bridge pickup - steely and wiry, but not too much.

Anyway, a clip of stuff just thrown out there - I go through the SPC a couple of whirls to show the mid boost, but its not too dramatic.  The SPC only dipping he mids slightly on this clip.  SA's just needed a little extra on the top end.

Now to compare to Fishmans...  Well, Fishmans are definitely closer to the the old school pickups.  Only thing I did not get figured out is how much HF tilt to use.  Connected was too much, 5K was too bright.  These might wind up in the '75.

Oh I see Eric Gales is rocking the Fishmans in one of his Strat-oids.
Listless Vessels!

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Moving the EMG discussion over here. - by lreese - 04-02-2017, 07:00 PM

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