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NAD/NCD Surprise! also, attn: Raph
I really was not expecting to have any new amps, but I listed my red Squier for sale on CL. Wasn't getting any bites, and then the other day, a guy msg'd me asking if I'd be interested in a trade for a "Blackstar HT-5 Metal". He got the model name convention slightly wrong so I asked him if it was the head or the combo. He said it was the head, and that he'd include a marshall 15W cabinet.

I've played the regular HT-5 a few times. And I hated it how it sounded but loved how it looked. It sounded boxy, nasal, and weak in the balls department. I wasn't sure about the HT Metal series so I did some research, and decided that it was worth a shot. So I made the trade today. Got rid of that hideous red guitar (I hate red), got a head that was worth the guitar, and a wee lil' cab to boot. It's not an amazing cab mind you, it's one of the MG series MDF cabs. But hey, I already have a badass custom-made all birch 2x12, and I needed something small to bring to low-key jam sessions and such, so this made sense.

The Blackstar is pretty rad though. Looks okay, but it's got nice girth in the lows/low mids and the mids don't sound nasal. The amount of gain on tap is HUGE. more than my tubemeister, and more organic sounding too, somehow. Reverb is nice, and I haven't yet played with the line out, but it should be interesting. Clean channel is really nice actually, spanky and articulate while retaining a good amount of warmth. Lots of good attack/articulation in the lead channel too. Overall quite a pleasing amp, and definitely a good trade on my part because that old Pro-Tone strat was not getting enough love from me. These little beasties will not only get more love, but more of a workout since I now have access to more varied studio tones.

Sometime soon I'm going to build or buy an A/B/Y box so I can play both amps at the same time through different cabs, and at some point I think I will upgrade the 10" speaker in the Marshall cab, but for now, behold;


[Image: IMG_20141030_165205_zps061bbd9a.jpg]

Apologies for the shitty picture, I'm not Ross Halfin here.
Also, Raph, eat shit motherfucker, I no longer own a squier. F-you huge grin

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