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Well, it's been nearly 3 years since I've owned a car so I'm in the market again. After being in Europe for so long I have developed even more hatred for most Euro cars... except BMW of course because well, they're a lot of fun.

Anyway, so I'm looking and I'm not in a hurry. I managed to find work from home and I don't have an absolute need for a car because I can use one of my brother's cars if I need something. I just want a car.

I love trucks and I'll be buying another Mopar for next winter when it gets closer to winter but I'm looking for a summer car right now.

I've been driving a lot of Corvettes. 1970's Vettes have some shitty power but it's so easy to swap in a built 350 and I' m thinking of going with a T56 6 speed manual transmission to swap in at the same time. It's on the table... but I'm kind of a Mopar guy so I'm hesitant.

Then I thought about just building my truck to be sport and off-road... kind of like a Ford Raptor but build to my liking using a Dodge Ram. I might still be doing this but I kind of miss being low to the ground in a sports car.

When I was younger, I had a lot of decent sports cars. Supra, 300ZX, a couple different GTi's, a GLi, BMW 328is, Eclipse GT and so on. Of all of them I liked the way the BMW felt the most. So I've been doing some research and I've been thinking I want a Mopar and I've always wanted to build up a Chrysler Conquest but instead of using the turbo 4 cyl powerplant... I want to try slapping a turbo on a Dodge 318 5.2L v8 to pair with the T56 6speed manual transmission and putting it in a Conquest.

I realize the weight balance may be off, there is a guy who put a Chevy Corvette LS1 motor in one and he solved the weight balance issue by modifying the firewall and moving it back 6 inches. I bring up this concern because, in the 80's the Conquest/Starion was a handling beast! It was one of the best handling stock cars (non-exotic) of it's era leaving cars like the 300zx in the dust. The Conquest has 4 wheel independent suspension and 4 wheel disc brakes too! That's insane, it's basically a roll cage and a few sway bars away from being a race suspension!

I think I might want to try this. I might even want to drive one with the stock turbo 4 and do some mods to get it up to 300 hp or so to see how it feels with the 4 versus how it will feel with a v8 and 400 to 500 hp plus enough torque to actually give no fucks.

I don't know, so many decisions to make but I'm taking my time. Building a car will take a few years and I want to drive something this summer! The problem is even if I did have $30k to spend on a used Viper or SRT8 Challenger... I don't think I would actually spend the money on a car when I can build something fun for $12k or so.

Any of you guys ever build a project car? Was it worth it?

I'm looking at a 1988 Conquest shell that's clean but it's been sitting for a long time so it's probably perfect for a motor swap.

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