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I think I have the mod bug pretty bad.
(05-23-2016, 09:06 AM)GoldenVulture Wrote: Well you won't need a Phase Inverter. :toast:

That's just what I'm looking at right now. You are right. It's not necessary. Only need to worry about 1 more 12ax7.

Everytime I learn something new, it conflicts with something I though I had set to memory. 

If I do that cathode follower setup on V2b like the 2203, I though the PI had to be there to put it back in phase, but I was wrong again. 

I obviously have a few more things to get a better understanding of, but I'm on the right path. I know 10 times now what I knew just a month ago, but there is still more to go. Most all of it is in the power section of these amps.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.

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RE: I think I have the mod bug pretty bad. - by karpathion - 05-23-2016, 09:15 AM

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