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Betty White Nipple Slip
(05-30-2014, 09:52 PM)Securb Wrote: Then please explain why your pants are down and there is hand lotion on your desk?

He's just moisturizing.
Here's proof that the world is just as fucked up as you thought (or feared).

[Image: 2769182.jpg]

A series of pics, (supposedly taken in the 40's) surfaced earlier this year in January.
There is some question about the authenticity of the photos, but White was a model prior to acting.
Snopes doesn't have anything about it and representatives for White denied they are real.

Wouldn't surprise me if these turned out to be real, after all this is a lady that has been quoted as saying, (during the William Shatner roast) :

Betty White Wrote:We all know William Shatner is nuts, but George Takei has tasted them
So her stuff smells like flowers. Bucket list, check.

Everyone should be armed ...until nobody has guns.
(05-31-2014, 05:29 PM)beaubrummels Wrote: So her stuff smells like flowers.

It's also crawling with aphids.
[Image: wizard2_1265230133.gif]
People love that shit one of our heaviest trafficked pages is this one with early nudes of Lucille Ball

Early Nudes of Lucille Ball Hit the Web, Yes We Love Lucy (PICS)

Why do I get the weird feeling you fuckers are going to turn this into a granny porn thread?

[Image: Lucille-Ball.jpg]
Hey! Betty is a hottie! She was smokin' when she began her career.
Because I said so. 
Anyone else see Marilyn Monroe's porno?
Is that the one titled 'Apple Knockers and Coke'?

I saw something on that where people claimed that it wasn't actually her but Arlene Hunter who looked a lot like Marilyn and was often mistaken for her.
This is one weird twisted thread.:old:

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