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Adult Film Blogging
It has been a while. Years in fact. I can't remember the last time I posted here, or what I posted here. Life has both expanded, and become a burden as of late. In my spare time I'm blogging on one of two blogs. One blog which is title, "Paradise Theater XxX" is the one I wish to share with you here. It's slowed down to a crawl production-wise, but I still review the occasional TeamSkeet, or Marc Dorcel porno for my audience of readers. Currently I'm juggling work between both studios with my latest review being on a TeamSkeet porno which struck a nerve. It pushed the line of decency a wee bit too much, and promoted what I like to call criminal sexual behavior. I'm all for a good porn flick, but "Step-Sibling Coercion" did nothing to impress me. It's odd to find a porn journalist with morals, but that's who I am.

Currently, as I'm typing to you I'm watching as the rain from Hurricane Matthew pours down. While I'm on the lesser receiving end of the monster we are still seeing the effects. I hope everyone in Florida, the coastal counties of Georgia, and NC/SC have taken proper precautions to remain safe.

Back to the thread post (which I will be returning to) ...

Along with my work with France's finest adult film studio I've also made some friends with some social media hotties, one of which starred in a couple Dorcel dvds. Ariel Rebel (@ArielRebel), as she is known is both a culinary master, and cute to boot. She's French-Canadian, and currently living the life of a nomad. She runs her own cooking site "Zesty and Spicy (@ZestyandSpicy)", and her own erotic modeling site where most of her fans congregate. She even does exclusive videos for her paying subscribers. The other girl, Melody (@Melodysmixtape) is all about the cam scene, and works with Ariel on occasion. They are more or less BFFs from Canada. What I love the most about these two gals is their friendly personality, and their willingness to communicate with non-jerks on social media. If you are looking for some industry girls to spoil these two are more than worth it!

If by some chance you wish to check out my porn blogging, and read through my critiques on everything from Japanese Bukkake to French erotica you can do so here ( While I'm not begging for attention it does help to know my efforts, and hours used sitting through 3+ hours of porn just to be able to type about it for an hour more is worth my while. Be sure to let me know what you think. I am looking to expand my limited social world to other sites, and with this having been one of the first male centered forums I've joined I feel it's an appropriate place to start.

Thanks for listening to me banter on if you've read this far. If you wish to find me on social media I'm all for a good chat, but I tend to focus only on Twitter. My adult Twitter account is - @ParadiseTripleX

I hope to hear from you soon!
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