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Maton Guitars
[Image: 9781925321364.jpg]

I got an early birthday present from my sister in the mail yesterday.
It's a book called "The Music that Maton made " .
It's all about Maton, it's founder Bill May and his wife Vera and the evolution of the company. It has an extensive listing amongst the story of Maton of artists that use Maton and their particular guitars and in some cases their history of the guitar and the artist/s. There is plenty of pics of people and their guitars and in the factories [past and present].

I was initially glancing through it when I saw a pic of what looked like a band photo. I looked at one guy and thought Who TF is that ? I read the caption for the pic. It was a picture of a band that David Briggs, who later joined Little River Band; was in, in the late 60's.
Dave lived in the next street and his bass player Gary lived down the street from me. That was the guy who I looked at and went to myself WTF ?
I hardly recognized them in the pic, they look so young. They were around 17. The pic was included in the book because it had Dave and Gary holding their respective Matons.I was massively amused.

Gary plays bass on some of my Jams from the 70's. He was a fantastic bass player but some where along the road he " found god " and stopped playing bass " because god told him to " and pursued becoming an Ambulance driver. I've no idea if he ever did. He seemed to disappear and has not re emerged ever since. Gary Played bass in a Band called LION in the seventies. Lion had Jerry Spicer on drums , Greg Sneddon on Keyboards, and Phil Butson on guitar. This is around where Gary left for god. Greg and Jerry became part of the 1st incarnation of Men At Work. Greg left and was replaced by Greg Ham. Ron Strykert originally was playing bass but Jerry demanded a " real Bass Player " so Ron moved to Lead guitar and John Reese was hired. Phil Butson was an original part founder and part owner of Sing Sing Studios in Melb. They started off in a shop in a strip shopping centre in Noble Park. He more recently sold his share.[ a couple of years ago ] Sing Sing is one of our major studios these days.
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