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I just did the unthinkable (LOL)...

Swapped the bridge pickup in my custom ordered Suhr.  Now its a ML Classic Bridge (same as the ML standard neck).  It was essentially free too (paid for with gift cards I had sitting from the Swedes)!  

The ML is based on a 60s pickup from one of Michael Landau's vintage Stratocasters.  Bridge has around 8% more resistance than the neck models - very close to the resistance of the V60LP neck model it replaced.

Just tested to see everything works.  Definitely a fatter/less harsh thing going on and balances better with the other ML's.  The V60LP had more 'zing' no doubt.

One interesting thing when I got the pickguard fully off and looked at things.  I guess this makes things a little easier:

The ground wire from the neck and middle pickups are simply soldered to the eyelets - so neck eyelet to middle eyelet then to bridge ground then to the SSC(Silent single coil unit).  other side of the SSC to bridge ground.  Makes for less wire to tuck around the bridge pickup so the loaded pickguard slides in easily.
Listless Vessels!

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