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Never Took The Hag as a Guy...
That would go for this:

I'd still like to see something more than a "rumor" saying it was built for Merle.  If it is, interesting piece of history.
Listless Vessels!
Quote:1978 Dumble Dumbleland Special

The asshole pickup winder amp guy has a Trainwreck , but that amount of money is just crazy for any amp ?
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
Hell No  
I would love the find the owner of that music store and smack the shit out of them. 

 1978 Marshall JMP 50 Dumble Ultra Phonix - $36,500.00
Why the fuck did you post that page. Now I have GAS so bad I have abdominal cramps. My birth year Twin Reverb, holy crap. It is expensive but doable $2,895.00, I just can't justify it even to myself. 

[Image: 1964FenderTwinReverb-1.jpg]
I've got nothing from my birth year... A couple of pieces from before and a couple of the year I started playing.

I'd actually point you towards a Brown Deluxe though. Put a Weber 1230-55 in it and its a little like a baby Marshall. I think its still in the sub 2K range (not sure) and a lot easier on the back.

I got my '62 Deluxe and 66 Vibrolux when the reissues sounded like crap (except the Bassman RI - that was solid, but still had to just PTP it). My EC Champ and Alessandro modded Priceton are solid amps.
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Guess I was too conservative.  huge grin

[Image: mwkqg5mivffyfc7hnapc.jpg]
Listless Vessels!
For that money I would want the original speaker in there not a Cannabis Rex. He could buy the period correct Jensen for $100 and move that amp faster.
I agree - I'd be offering a few hundred less.

That being said, the original speaker (Mine is an Oxford) sucks Aceballs. Even the Weber recommended speaker (12A125?) is not to my liking. But that 1230.. Ahh!
Listless Vessels!

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