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Peavey XXL sounds pretty damn good!
My new neighbor just happens to be a player. He walked over and introduced himself when he saw me lugging in guitars and amps. After a few minutes of talking, he found out that I like to fix, mod, and build amps.

He mentioned then that he had a XXL, and the input jack was bad. So, this morning I took my tools and a new jack over. Installed the new Switchcraft, and ran new 20g wire to the board. Problem solved.

Holy Shit, does that amp sound good! Feels like a tube amp too! I'm sure most everyone has had or used one of these transtube amps, but I don't remember mine being like this. I had the Chrome and Red badged, 2x12 Bandit back years ago, and it did not do this.

I just dailed in one beast of a 7 string metal tone on that amp. Color me fucking impressed. I never would have expected that out that amp.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
Believe it or not it actually has a cult following. On the seven string forum specifically, it's pretty highly recommended for people on a tight budget looking to play straight up death metal.
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