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"Pedal Steel Guitar" Tone
(03-09-2017, 09:13 AM)lreese Wrote: The original Broadcaster had cold rolled steel saddles.  I really don't think there's a huge difference in tone, unless you're splitting hairs.  

Brass is pretty soft.  You could also do Titanium, but I'd think they would wear too.

Might want to check out The Gear Page on Vertex - The owner got caught not being well...  honest about his product...  One I seem to remember is rebranding the BBE wah and calling it his own design.

When I was playing Strat I liked the feel of steel saddles...never swapped them out keeping everything else equal, so no experience on the tone there. But I do like the idea of something lasting longer (going with SS frets.) 

Appreciate the heads up on the pedals. As far as Vertex is concerned, my understanding is the owner came clean and even refunded those who bought the non-Vertex wah. 

Supposedly Robben Ford said , “I see you’re flawed like all humans. I still really believe in [the Vertex Boost]. You may have lied and been dishonest, but doing this really bad thing doesn’t make everything about you bad. I want to help you.”

Robben Ford still uses his boosts and drive pedals–love his tone! 

We've all made mistakes, the fact he followed up with refunds and not just "yeah I lied" is what matters to me–I'm for restitution. 

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