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Amp/Speaker Cable Advice
Apologies in advance for my ignorance here, I've done "internet" research but wanted to hear from folks with experience.

Have a Fender Blues Deluxe that I am swapping out the stock speaker for an Eminence Texas Heat–keeping that for the Combo. Wanting to get an extension cab for another speaker (thinking a Swamp Thing.) Also looking at trying out an attenuator.

Never put much though into cables, used Fender Tweed for my guitars for about 5 years or so. Was thinking about getting 3' to 6' speaker cables and saw some offered with 14 to 16 gauge.

What should I be looking for? Any help is much appreciated!
For the length you are using either cable should be fine. I would focus on the connectors/jacks. If you can find the 14 at a good price got for it, but 16 will be fine.
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I bought a couple pretty expensive Planet Waves speaker cables and they are really nice(14 ga $22.98 5' long ) , very heavy duty will last me forever. I have bought a few Livewire speaker 3' cables for much less and have been very happy with those results also. 16ga $14.99 3' cable. It pays to have good cables but only so much and of course you know not to use guitar cables for speakers ever ? When I swapped out the speakers in the Ampeg Combo , I bought a replacement Monster speaker cable set (to connect the speakers to the amp) it was on sale and that is something that will make a difference you can hear instantly ,those little speaker wires really choke your sound. Easy as heck to make replacement speaker wires with a trip to Lowes or Home Depot. Just check and see only matters in a combo and Fender is notorious for doing that , little things but in bulk saves tons of cash. just a link for you to look at , Google it and build your own buy the parts put it together , will improve the sound of that amp noticeably. Weird that I don't see a PW 3' cable on MF now WTF ? I have around 20 of the Planet Waves American Stage Guitar cables and now they have new ones with a kill switch have to check those out too soon. Way TMI but a decent speaker cable is a good thing to have.
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Hosa is fine with me, but I'm not gigging.

I'll make my next ones - Home Depot wire (or find a suitable older wire to cannibalize) and probably GH plugs.  14 Ga is the safe bet.

Instrument cables - while I love the concept I've grown to hate George L's and Wilde cables.  

Mogami 2524 bulk sounds way better to me, even for line level.  One of the thing's I'm toying with is swapping out my GLS ends with GH.  I was impressed with those with my Lava coily.  The other thing I wanted to try is Belden 8412 Mic cable wired al a Cornish.
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Many thanks for all of the advice!

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