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2 Guitar Cases Project
My project this weekend, amber tinting/finishing two guitar cases of mine. Main reason, I bought an old 90s Fender Blues Deluxe (original, not a reissue) that had a really nice amber tweed finish.

Fender G&G Tweed - Really bright yellow tweed, much brighter than the tweed on the Blues Deluxe. 

[Image: HOh5SO76a3BMJ2ui57iN7LhQ5hmuvl-h4t97uLTF...59-h794-no]
[Image: hfKzh--0YP8dy8oHbF0aUUH-noMWnjEDAob_Uv8U...96-h794-no]
[Image: 1TFVqZ7LsHW4pq-zypldJFyUEOLkzSRZyq43i_In...59-h794-no]

Alvarez Acoustic Case - Just a plain cloth exterior, think the amber finish was a big improvement. 

[Image: fN4LI-_-Cy7m1BDiaO4KI-vfWM1EJaEMEVu8NP7Z...96-h794-no]
[Image: RZ7vnrnM5lJcLpT0kSaPAq56qD6CQ0EaqiICfdfK...96-h794-no]
[Image: PWLvV2yT_zo2mCB34xUBIQs2gzSAqoACPB1LZvph...59-h794-no]

I was happy with the results, hardest part was trying to hit the small amount of tweed visible on the inside. I was not going for a relic look...the cases were newer but used, so any scraped and bumps were magnified with the amber finish. 
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