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Rig Upgrades And Updates. The little stuff.
Oh boy. Hahaha
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I guess this falls into this thread. It is a mad upgrade from the Ibby GIO 5 stringer that I've been playing for a while now. Funny story with this guitar, really. I designed this fish about 8-9 years ago, for my Paw-N-Law. He paid for it, I just picked shit out.

The body is a Wormoth, 2 piece, SG, slab. It was on their clearance rack, as a change order. The body is meant to be a Gibbo SG replica , but the pup placement is that of a MM. It's the same setup as it's very expensive counterpart, but has a much cooler cut, IMO... It's been awhile, but I'm pretty sure that body was a bit costly. Probably around 3 bills.

We had to have the neck built by Warmoth, but if memory serves, it's maple, 2 way rod, rosewood board, but cheap dots. "We did have a budget on it."

Nice Gotoh bridge and vintage style Schaller tuners. Capped off with tasty body stain, and about 10 coats of tung oil. I can't even remember what the pup was, but I want to say SD, QP. Whichever it was, it had the option for active and passive.

I didn't get to assemble this one, and probably a good thing 10 years ago, but it was done pro at the local shop. Damn fine instrument! I'm glad I ended up with it. Even if it took a bit.

[Image: 1s3wm0.jpg]

[Image: 1s3wt8.jpg]

[Image: 1s3wur.jpg]

[Image: 1s3wvv.jpg]

[Image: 1s3wx1.jpg]

Sorry for the shitty phone pics.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
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That is a sweet bass. That pickup looks like a monster.

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