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They are still making bathtub gin?
I did not know this but I can say I am not surprised. From what I have read cases of alcohol poisoning and deaths of tourists have caused the crack down. 

Quote:The Mexican government has long been aware of its problems with counterfeit and otherwise illicit alcohol. As much as 36% of the alcohol consumed in the country is illegal, according to a 2017 report by Euromonitor International.

That means the alcohol is sold or produced under unregulated circumstances and is potentially dangerous. The study, conducted in collaboration with the nation’s Tax Administration Service, found that was an improvement from two years earlier, when 43% was illegal.
I dunno, but I have a PICTURE of Mom, Dad with a white rat, and 4 other people sitting on the rounded edge of old tubs. . . . was in family albutm, but never explained. Mom looked unusually happy . . . .this would be '60-'65
Securb, or the original, I miss everything. Like NEVER looking at a date before I respond.Probably talking to dead people in Mexico.

I lived in Mexico for a short while; the 'rents lived there 20 yrs. They learned no more scotch rocks, or a nice G&T. When in Mexico . . .I know so many Mexican cocktails of tequila, I need to add them to cookbook. Thanks. Point is, when in Mexico drink nothing but tequila and beer, and forget about the taxes. Or stills. They are serious in labeling what is agave, blue agave, sotol, and Presidente and one other brand I love. If not beer, tequila, you have a Presidente & Coke, which most of us know is much better than american coke.
The people of Mexico do this, because otherwise the ohsoevilthieving government would take all their minimal profits. That's why all small enterprises would rather not talk to los jefes any more than the people making bathtub meth want to talk to Homeland Security, which is now the umbrella term for all the acronyms. It's just the small man trying to live without getting stepped on. Please I'm not advocating meth, just trying to equate it with bathtub sotol or mexcal whiich a touron must always say no to. Shit-they probably use the same ingredients.

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